Closed this weekend for some roof restoration work

Hello readers! We are very sorry to break the news that the Decoration Ten Dance Company will be closed this weekend due to construction in the studio– or shall we say, on top of it! As per our annual renovation measures, the roof of the building will be completely refurbished and reinforced. The contractor we’ve hired Prompt Roofing said they will work around the clock to get the job done as fast as possible. So to ensure the safety of all members of the company, we are temporarily closing down the studio.

We would also like to announce in advance that we will also be closed the week after next, this time to repair our floors. And floors are very important in a dance studio! Rest assured that after these two weeks business will resume as usual, and everyone taking classes can pick up from wherever they left off. The floors will be in ship-shape condition for the studio’s annual Tango festival, to which we happily invite one and all.

Meanwhile, senior member Abigail has offered the spacious backyard of her home in Roseville as a temporary practice venue for all those involved in the flash mob rehearsals, set to hit the Sydney streets this Halloween. Please contact Abigail on our Members page for more information! The weekend’s ballroom dancing classes will be held in a neighboring studio and presided over by our usual instructors, as well as former ballroom dancing champion William Brown. This will be an excellent opportunity for members to meet the legend!

As for our jazz and hip hop rehearsals, our head instructors are still coordinating an accessible, appropriate venue for classes. If you are taking this class, head on over to the Polls page to vote on a venue.

In the coming few months, the Decoration Ten Dance Company will have more restorations in plumbing and electrical fixtures, many of which will be able to be completed without affecting class schedules and performances. Now, we take great pride in the fact that Decoration Ten plans to utilize solar energy in our studio lighting. A post announcing the shift from electric to solar power can be found in the archives, as well as our endorsement of the company that provided us with solar panels. These improvements will help make the studio a more sustainable, economical building and will minimize our collective carbon footprint– however happy our feet may be! The roof restoration process will be the first step in setting up our solar energy panels.

Again, this weekend’s dance class schedules and locations can be found in the Members and Polls pages. We also encourage students and members to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates, changes and videos of performances in-studio!

Decoration Ten Dance Studio would like to thank its community for their patience and understanding. Stay happy!

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